Samsung Galaxy S3 phone app bug "Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped." - SOLVED


There seems to be a general issue on the Samsung Galaxy phones, where the Phone app (Contacts app, Phone tab) crashes, this is a pain as it stops you from dialling a number.  Instead you have to add the number you want to use to your contacts, then dial the number from the contact.

After much research and trying to understand if it's the app, the a firmware update, the version of Android or anything else to help find a solution to this issue.  The solution I have found appears to make not much sense, but it works.



  • Go to phone settings-->More
  • Select Date and Time
  • Change the date format to something else other than what it is currently on
  • Then change the data format back to the format you require
  • Navigate back to Save your changes
  • Now open your Phone app and see if this has resolved the issue