• Can't Send Google Picasa Images via Microsoft Live Mail - SOLVED


    It may have worked in the past, but if you are not using a Microsoft account with your Microsoft Live Mail account, then you may find it difficult to send pictures via email with Googles Picasa.  This will depend on the version of your software, but if using the latest versions then expect this issue.

    After doing some research the reason it will now prompt you to login to your Microsoft account, is because the way Live Mail now sends images (called Photo email), is to use Microsoft's OneDrive.  Images are stored on OneDrive, then a thumbnail is attached to the email, with a link to the full image on OneDrive.

    If you are prompted for an account and bypass it by pressing cancel, this will not work and you will probably encounter an error.


    There are a couple of solutions here, the most obvious is to create Microsoft account.  The alternative solution is use a different email client like Mozilla Thunderbird.

    Setting up a Microsoft account.

    Installing Mozilla Thunderbird email client



  • Hosting

    What is Hosting?

    Hosting, also known as Web-hosting or Web Hosting is basically where you host files on a Web-server, typically for the creation of a website.  Web Hosts are typically companies that host such files for their clients in Data Centres that can be accessed over the World Wide Web.  Web-hosting also includes other web-services such as email and domain names.

    There is a vast scope of services that go with hosting, although for most, all that is really required is hosting for a private domain name, so the person can register a unique domain name for either hosting a website and/or for emails.